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Questions Regarding the Morning Jodi Disappeared
June 25, 2015
9:48 pm

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April 13, 2012
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I recently read an article on Jodi in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and started writing down things:

1) When the TV station called Jodi that morning, could it be possible that she wasn't even home but en route to her apartment after staying somewhere else the previous night? Could Jodi have received a ride home in the early AM, rushed to get ready for work, and the 'person' who gave her a ride waited until she entered the parking lot?

2) The article stated that police found Jodi's red high heels, blow dryer, hair spray and earrings "strewn across the parking lot" and her "bent" car key near her car. If Jodi was carrying all these items - how are some items 'strewn across the parking lot" yet her bent car key is near the car? It doesn't make sense. If she was at her car with the key in the door and grabbed at that time - ALL items with her would be NEAR HER CAR and not strewn in the parking lot. She would have dropped them immediately due to someone possibly grabbing her.

3) If she knew someone was after her and dropped her personal belonging in an attempt to get to her car and IF she was able to get the key in the door - what are the chances that she was able to HANG ON TO THE KEY long enough to cause it to bend - NO ONE can hang on to a key alone or on a keychain in the door lock and still try and fight someone off - she would have let go of the key and tried to fight off whomever was there. 

4) Just because the toilet seat was up does not mean a male was there - could Jodi have been possibly sick and throwing up?

5) Jodi's earrings found in the parking lot. If she was carrying shoes, hairdryer, hairspray - don't you think something 'small' like earrings she would have put in her purse? WAS a purse found?

6) The article stated the 'neighbors' (plural) heard a scream and saw a white van - why where these people awake at this hour? What jobs did they hold that had the up at this hour? If a scream was heard and a white van was seen in the parking lot - WHY did not ONE PERSON call 911? Were they questioned after the fact and told to be 'quiet'?

July 4, 2015
10:22 am

Case Contributor
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May 12, 2012
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Im gonna give it a shot and try to answer the questions as best as I can here from what I know of this case.....

1. In 1995 I don't believe cell phones were the norm as much as they are today(I didn't have one myself until 1998) and  we used them much more infrequently as there weren't many standard data plans, etc. and paid by the minute or had a small number of minutes to use for the month before being charged per...Amy Kuns never said she called Jodi's cellphone, but called her home and that Jodi answered the phone in a groggy fashion, as if being woken from sleep...

2/3. If Jodi had those items in a bag she slung across her shoulders and then  she struggled and/or was dragged, those things could have been dispersed, then finally dropped between her car and her abductor's vehicle.. The bent key could have been dropped immediately, perhaps having been bent and yanked suddenly as Jodi was grabbed by her abductor as she put the key in the lock...It was said she had a keyless entry remote so I find it mystifying she was even using the key to unlock the door...I wonder if its possible that Jodi had made it into the car or at least put the key into the ignition as she was grabbed and perhaps dragged out of the car...But there has never been any evidence of this as she still had all the items on her person when she was abducted...

4. The whole toilet seat being up scenario is a red herring I think...I know myself I would never lift the seat up to vomit in the toilet. Why, exactly?  And if ur gonna get sick like that, who really has the presence of mind to lift the seat up, unless of course she decided to clean it thoroughly afterward...If she was running so late, would she have had the time? There is at least the possibility of a man having been in her apt the night before or that morning...But cops dropped the ball when they didn't thoroughly scour her apt, concentrating mostly on the abduction scene in the parking lot...DNA, fingerprints,etc.,found in her apt could have been helpful...I have also read that one of the responding(male) officers may have used her bathroom and left the seat up, obviously not treating her apt as a crime scene....

5. I don't remember if a purse was found...Perhaps her earrings were just thrown in the same bag with all other necessary items in a smaller compartment and just fell out too...Or perhaps she was wearing earrings without backs that could have come off in the struggle ...

6. Im up @ 4am when I have to work...Im a waitress and I need to be in by 5;30...I need time to wake up and get ready...Yes there are many people who need to get up early...and others who are up early because they cant sleep...To me this  question is moot...Jodi's screams may have woken one or two people up also...When u are jolted from sleep like that you are not always thinking rationally or clearly...There also was a campground right next door to Jodi's apt building and the holiday weekend was just over and there had been some sort of Renaissance rennacting group or whatever that had been there over the weekend...People who heard screams thought it could possibly be kids or whatever in the campground....Then theres always the excuse that people don't want to get involved in things and most likely didn't take the screams seriously enough to warrant a 911 phonecall...

From what I remember the person who saw the van was not a resident of the apts and saw it from the vantage of the street...And presumably before the abduction as he never said he saw anyone or heard anything....Just the van..So you cant combine that with the people who heard the screams but did not see a van(or anything else)..

July 12, 2015
1:29 am

Being from Mason, there are a lot of factories, so people being up that early is not too strange. And, the apartments she lived in at the time, were a little more "high end" in Mason City. As for the white van, I have had a couple of theories that seem to fall on deaf ears. One, if the stalker in the black pickup truck decided that this was the day he was going to take her, he would probably of took a different vehicle that day. Mason City had a lot of small used car shops that this person may of had access to and was able to use any sort of vehicle he needed that could never be traced, as long as it was back before the shop opened. With that possibility, there was probably a second vehicle waiting at the shop or garage so as to put the van back on the lot without anyone noticing and switching to another vehicle to transport her to the final destination. Also, Mason City has a lot of law abiding citizens who drive white vans for work, so the timing would have been perfect to create a clusterf**k for the law enforcement to find a white van around 7:30-9 AM when people were going to , or coming from work. The funny thing is, traffic citations stay on your record for a long time and when I looked on IAcourts.gov, I found some legit people, who I personally knew, who had been ticketed for too dark window tinting. With that, I would think in a town such as Mason City, since this pick up was mentioned before by Jodi, the police knew of it yet made the comment in a video that, "the black pick up was a dead end" this was said by Frank Sterns. Why was it a dead end and he obviously knew exactly whose it was since he made this specific comment, yet, no one asked him any further questions. Was this pick up owned by the person Jodi's sister heard had been dead and stalked Jodi. Her sister seemed to have taken this letter seriously since she knew this person had died and he lived at the residence listed in the letter. The MCPD seemed to spend more time firing Maria Ohel and filing false IRS claims against her cousin, I think, Phill Phillpot's church, which apparently never came to anything and what evidence did the MCPD have in making these comments and why weren't hey charged with false reports which is a very serious Federal offense, if nothing happened? Whatever Jodi stumbled upon must of been big, since even the Globe Gazette reported the journal they received to the MCPD and removed the story from their archives without wondering why the hell it was sent to them. This shows that connections in Mason City run deep and involve covering up murders and attempting to go after the few decent people who see the injustice that is destroying any trust in the media and law enforcement.

October 8, 2016
1:53 am

The Journal was sent because it exposed the involvement of the killers motive. The sender was motivated by only a partial understanding of the crime. While she was aware of police wrong doing she was unaware of why. Jodi is in Wolf Creek (MN). The 218 Hwy sighting is accurate. Members of L.E. used coercion leverage to compel the actors to carry out the "disappearance". The characterization of a stalker and of the black pick-up was a convenient smoke screen to build on. Mr. Milk was the key and therefore was arranged to be no longer with us. 

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