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A few questions
January 27, 2010
1:14 pm

Is it at all possible that the person or people who did this are not "locals"? I was 14 when this happened but I recall a civil war reenactment in the area around the time Jodi went missing. Could the suspect have done this before to others in diffrent parts of the country? Does the MCPD have any POI if so how many( i know names are a no go on this site so numbers are all i am asking for)? I just find it hard to picture that after all these years that not one person has heard anything that could break the case. One thing I know about the Mason City area is that what is done in the dark soon comes to light. Even if the police do not make an arrest most of the community knows who did what. The proof may not be there to make the arrest but people know. Why is this different? Maybe that is the question. I hope I am able to bring up some reason for some chatter. I have been amazed by this case for years and though I have no leads or news, I hope that with each person who comes here it can give us one more ray of hope to find out who did this.. I am sure that one day this case will be solved. Thank you all for your time.

March 5, 2010
10:26 am

I believe the private investigator involved scrutinized the possibility. There were other murders in the midwest that could possibly be linked to the reenactment community. But Jodi's circumstances do not match up with the other murders and are not linked in any way whatsoever. Very slim chance here.

You won't get this answer here on the forums. In order to answer this questions, you have to answer other questions such as: is this person a local, or are they from a different part of the counrty?, do they hae a criminal record? etc. I suggest for you to contact the professionals on this one.

From what I remember there are unofficial POI(s?), but the Mason City PD has not release the name(s) of these people. Probably afraid that it would threaten the chance that this case will still be solved. There are people here on the forums that have their own theories, and I'm sure you could get in contact with them to hear their thoughts.

I'm sure people have heard 'things', thing is they need a body to hold up in court. Even the Evelyn Miller case they had a body and they still couldn't convict due to lack of evidence. I think Jodi's case the evidence is there, just not the body.

I suggest finding the Globe Gazette archive on the Honken case. Read through that and you'd get a better understanding on what the police are dealing with and what they need to actually solve the crime. They released most of the information on that case unlike this one. For instance: They received tips on the location of the bodies. They quickly found 4 of the bodies for one reason - a marker (2 tires marked the graves). The body not marked with a locator took them about a month to locate even after knowing the location and with using ground penetrating radar.

The problem(s) is: North Iowa has a vast area of remote areas and it's like finding a needle in a haystack. And even if the police have heard 'things', unless they get a tip on where the body is directly buried (or if it is somehow uncovered randomly), they don't have a court case.

One thing that I'd like to throw out on the table is that North Iowa police strategy is usually this: if you cannot convict someone of a certain crime, you watch and wait for them to mess up again and you bring them up on a different charge to lock them up. Survellience is a tactic they use, and I have heard stories of how they operate.

This could give us all a few hints on the forums: that the person(s) involved has either been in the limelight for other crimes, or has kept their nose completely clean since 1995. Food for thought?

I hear you here, that's why I'm here too. I hope I helped answer some of your questions

March 5, 2010
11:24 am

I think that the focus on this message board is mixed. People have different theories and discuss different scenarios. Myself (and a few people I've talked to) believe there is a very high chance that her body is located in North Iowa. If anyone else has evidence to prove otherwise, please speak up. I'm simply going to keep my focus on the details that will lead to finding her body.

I'd like to add a few of my thoughs and questions: Jodi was abducted at 4:30AM. If someone was to carry out a sex crime and bury the body in a shallow grave, I'd say that it would at least take 2 hours and well into daylight.

Everyone in North Iowa knows the saying: The corn should be knee-high by the 4th of July. Seems like 1995 was a typical year for farming. I'd say that in late June, it would be risky burying a body within a quarter mile from any road. (They would be obviously spotted from a road if someone was passing by). It's common for farmers to drive into town early in the morning for coffee. And for a farmer to see a suspsicious person in another farmer's (whom they probably knew) field would arrouse suspicion. But then on the other hand: Honken buried Degaus in 1993 in an open cornfield in November.

I'd have to say that the person responsible knew that daylight was approaching and time was running out that morning. But they stayed anyway? Maybe they had the grave predug?, it was all planned out for that day and he wasn't going to go astray from his plan. Or risk the possibility that the grave he dug could possibly be discovered?

Either way: this person(s) was a very organized stalker and had this crime planned and they looked at the scenario from all angles to make it a perfect crime.

Now at this time I'd like to ask the professions (Gary, thecat, etc) a few questions:

1. Do you guys have any information on the initial search in 1995? If so: how well was the initial search carried out (on a scale of 1-10)? Do you guys think it was sufficient and the MCPD did a good job? Was the initial search area in 1995 ever recorded? For example: what areas were searched, what areas did they use dogs, etc. Was it ever recorded on a map of some sort? How long did the initial search last

What I'm getting at is that I knew a guy who used google earth and created an overlay to show troop positions in the civil war. This helped people understand how development threatened civil war battle sites.

Why couldn't we use this as a tool to help locate her body? Use the information from the initial search, use common sense and areas that are impossible to hide a body. We could use this to formulate areas of 'high probability' to search and to eliminate areas of 'low probability'.

What do you guys think?

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